Patient Success Stories

Our Testimonials

“My father, Cliff had been admitted to NW Baptist with a uti and a broken femoral head on April 9th, 2022. After surgery, two weeks of treatment and a successful two week rehabilitation at Jim Thorpe, he was released and sent to a skilled nursing facility for one week before being once again admitted to NW Baptist for an infection that should have been prevented. Another four weeks of treatment to correct what the nursing facility had let occur before being released again, this time to Ranchwood in Yukon. The nursing staff, and therapists went above and beyond in their care for my dad, their communication with me, and their overall approach with him day in, day out and night in, night out. Not once did I nor my wife ever have an issue with the staff. The staff seemed to be emotionally invested in each patient and I personally witnessed this each time I visited my dad, which was EVERY day. His priorities were their priorities. Unfortunately he plateaued and he just simply could not rehabilitate any further. Hospice then took over, and I seen the writing on the wall. On August 7th, my father passed away with my wife and I at his side. Throughout his stay at Ranchwood the staff were completely transparent and informative with us, and more importantly they treated my dad as if he was their dad. Your care for him means the world to us.
Thank you to everyone at Ranchwood for everything!”

– Brian & Deleana Shamblin

“Ranchwood is very organized with great staffs who take care of the patients and I’m also impressed by the cleanliness which alot other nursing homes struggle with nowadays. Strongly recommend”

– Nkezea Roy

“I went to visit my mother at Ranchwood on Tuesday. I found her in the dining room finishing dinner. As always, the food looks delicious. She generally finishes 100% of her meals. That tells me it tastes good too. When I got her back to her room two nursing AIDS were there to ready her for the evening. My mother has been at Ranchwood for nearly 9 years. She has been cared for with the utmost due diligence that a facility can provide. I believe Ranchwood it is one of the top nursing homes in the area. I’m happy that my mother is with them. I never have any worries about her care.”

– Katie McNeil

“My husband and I would like to give a big thank you to all the nursing staff that took care of Troy Thomas. They were very helpful, gave great care to Troy Thomas. They gave me a lot of helpful information that we needed to get things moving once we bring Troy home to live with us. Thank you Ranchwood staff for all you do for each loved one you have in your facility. May you continue the great care that you provide. Thank you again.”

– Tim and Missy Thomas